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”The media loves this exhibition!” – media recap report sammanställd av American Swedish Institute

Så här skrev ASI i mejlet som landade hos oss några dagar efter öppningen av konstutställningen Arctic Highways i Minneapolisden 3:e februari 2024:

”We have had an amazing start to Arctic Highways / Mygration / Okizi / Our Nature exhibitions. It was a pleasure to have Tomas and Stina in Minneapolis, and I want to thank you both again for the joy, collaboration, and flexibility you shared with ASI staff, volunteers, and visitors.

The media loves this exhibition!

Viaplay (TV6) surprised us this morning with an unexpected visit. Their team is in town to cover the WorldCup ski event, and they are producing small segements from around the Twin Cities. Today, they landed at ASI. We worked with them for about 2 hours highlighting the Turnblad Mansion, ASI, Arctic Highways, and of course, semlor. I will forward when we receive more information.”

Nu finns en genomgång i pdf-format som beskriver hur konstutställningen Arctic Highways tagit plats i media under de första veckorna. Ladda ner och läs rapporten här →

Mer om eventet och utställningen Arctic Highways på American Swedish Institutes hemsida:

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